In these challenging and rapidly changing times, we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our valued staff and customers. Whilst the threat of contracting and spreading the virus persists, we are taking precautionary measures so that some of our cleaning services can restart.

All our regular staff have been furloughed, however we do have some amazing staff, who have worked for us on a temporary basis in the past. All staff have been directed to undertake routine and regular personal hygiene measures including frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer gel, the wearing of disposable gloves, masks and full PPE where and when required. We are also adopting a social distancing policy for the times when we are working in public areas and will remain two metres distant from other people. We will be carrying out most of our cleaning services in empty properties and adhering to the social distancing policy at all times, in the properties that aren’t empty.

Our staff will either be working alone or will be members of the same household. They have been directed to use extra measures in terms of physical contact with material parts of buildings (door handles, lift buttons etc) and have been instructed to wear two pairs of disposable gloves at all times, replacing the top pair for each new site visited. Our staff will also wipe down items they have worked on in the course of their task on site, with the appropriate products.

Currently none of our temporary staff or their family members are showing any symptoms of the virus nor have they been in high risk locations recently. We are adhering to the government directive of social distancing outside work hours following guidelines issued by Public Health England. Should anyone show any symptoms, then they will be self-isolating as per the advice also given.

We have contingency plans in place to cover any staff absences due to the virus and whilst these plans will ensure that work commitments to our customers are met, there may be delays in service provision in certain circumstances which we will endeavour to keep to a minimum. Customers will be advised through our usual contact channels should there be any envisaged changes to our provision of service.

The directors and staff
4th May 2020