Clean Shower Enclosure
Where do you start when cleaning a shower enclosure? Through our experience, we have found that a good grout cleaner, an eco friendly multi-cleaner and some good techniques, can clean your shower to perfection...


First of all we mix a fairy liquid and warm water solution, then we use a non scratch sponge scourer with the solution to wash down tiled walls, fittings, the shower tray and the inside of the glass or plastic doors, paying particular attention to the bottom of the shower doors and side panels, where soap scum collects. Make sure you use plenty of elbow grease! 

For mould and mildew on grout and seals, we use an industrial grout cleaning solution. Spray on affected areas from a distance of 5-10cm, allow 10-20 minutes for the product to work, then rinse off with water. Don't scrub the areas, but you could use a sponge. For badly affected areas, if required, repeat the process after 30 minutes. Use a deep cleaning brush (or tooth brush) to get the grout cleaner into all the small nooks and crannies.

Next, we mix a bio multi-cleaner at 200ml to one litre and spray on all tiles, fittings and inside of the doors. Leave for ten minutes, use a non scratch sponge scourer to wash the areas, then use a Muslin to dry. Use deep cleaning brushes, to clean around fittings, soap trays, handles, hooks and the head and lead of the shower. Again, use plenty of elbow grease!

We use blue roll on metallic fittings for a great shiny finish. We also use blue roll to remove any concentrate from the glass doors, that the muslin didn't pick up. We then buff the glass using a good window cleaning solution, a dry muslin cloth and again, use plenty of elbow grease until there are no smears!

Dry off the shower tray with blue roll, then spray with the bio multi-cleaner. Dry it using blue roll and a muslin cloth.Remove water from the door channel with blue roll and give any aluminium a polish with bio multi-cleaner and buff with blue roll. 

The drain hole on the shower tray also needs some attention. Remove the metallic  lid, wash with bio multi-cleaner and polish with blue roll or a muslin cloth. Next, take out the small cup and wash well in a fairy liquid and water solution, removing all hair and soap scum, then dry. Wash and dry the inside of the drain hole and replace the cup and lid.. The outside of the shower can be cleaned with bio multi-cleaner and a muslin. If the area requires more attention, use grout cleaner.

Hopefully you should now have a shower enclosure worthy of a five star hotel! Contact us if you would like us to do the hard work!